Melbourne-born designer and founder, Yvonne Ruge, brings you a portfolio of classic and minimalist accessories.  

Embracing sophistication in a classic style, Originals Lab accessories are an alliance of delicacy and character available in iconic designs. 

If you are looking for accessories that you’ll love to wear and be proud to gift, consider your treasure hunt over.

Proudly designed in Australia, each season we launch new accessories embracing the seasons in an evolving story that creates a meaningful connection between the wearer and the designer.

Simple everyday jewellery that you will never want to take off.

Originals Lab’s collections have gained popularity on a national level, and are available in over 20 locations across Australia. A piece of work from Originals Lab is a simple but gorgeous reminder of life’s sweetest moments. 

For wholesale enquiries or collaborations please email us at hello@originalslab.com

When you support small business you are supporting a dream, a family and so much more.