Designing and Creating wearable Nostalgia

For Yvonne, founder and driving force of Originals Lab, it all started as nostalgia with a sweet little twist of creativity. Her line of accessories are a fresh take on some of childhood’s favourite memories. From the iconic, pink sprinkle donuts to iconic Australian iced vovos. 

As the line’s creative visionary, Yvonne produces, designs and sources uplifting products that bring a dash of joy to every day. Each sprinkle, frosting drizzle and colour swirl has been designed with happiness in mind. Fearlessly innovative, she’s on the constant lookout for the next little surprise, and draws inspiration from the everyday world. An Australian through and through, Yvonne’s work has been influenced by the vibrant and playful palettes of Jenny Kee and Ken Done.

With the introduction of an enamels line, and the release of her colorful prints, Yvonne’s bringing her designs to life like never before! Transitioning from artist-in-chief to design-guru has allowed her the creative freedom to dream up a whole new wave of products and lines. She’s has been hard at work behind the scenes, transforming her concepts into realities, and infusing her characteristic flamboyance into accessories, artwork, and more. 

Originals Lab’s collections have gained popularity on a national level, and are available in over 20 locations across Australia. A piece of artwork from Originals Lab is a simple but gorgeous reminder of life’s sweetest moments. 

For wholesale enquiries or collaborations please email us at hello@originalslab.com