Retail Portfolio.  These products are available at my retailers and also as custom orders.  All items can be made into Pendants, Earrings, Lapel Pins, Collar Pins, Cufflinks or  Keyrings. 

Fairy Bread Pendant

Lamington Pendant

Tiny Teddy Pendant

Bubble O Bill Pendant

Bubble O Bill Earrings

Freddo Frog Earrings

Nenish Tart Earrings

Nenish Tart Pendant

Croissant Earrings

Croissant Pendant

Meat Pie Pendant

Hamburger Pendant

Hamburger Earrings

Freddo Frog Pendant

Lamington Earrings

Donut Earrings

Fairy Bread Earrings

Hot Cross Bun Pendant

Hot Cross Bun Earrings

Meat Pie Pendant

Meat Pie Lapel Pin

Coffee Bean Earrings

Sushi Roll Earrings

Sushi Roll Pendant

Cupcake Pendant

Pizza Earrings

Rainbow Paddle Pop Earrings

Paddle Pop Pendant

Watermelon Earrings

Iced Vovo Pendant

Cupcake Earrings

Rainbow Cake Earrings

Strawberry Big M Earrings

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